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Anyone who owns an area rug knows that it has to be handled differently than a traditional carpet. Our team of experts understands that and wants to give you the cleanest area rug possible!

Our motto is, “if you can steam it, we can clean it,” and that applies to area rugs. For example, a dirty oriental rug can lose the beauty and meaning that it once held to tie in your color scheme.

Knowing that many oriental rugs are passed down and hold serious value, we’re careful to respect your property and use the safest cleaning methods. We’ll treat your rug as if it was ours.

For area rug cleaning in Homosassa, FL that you can trust, give us a call at 352-554-9493. Start with a free estimate or tell us about your area rug problems today!

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You Deserve the Best Area Rug Cleaning in Homosassa, FL

The first thing that we always like to do is have our expert technicians look at the rug or rugs in question. We’ll pay close attention to the type of fiber your rug is made of and the color dyes used within. This will help us determine the best path of gentle cleaning without damaging anything, because we know these rugs can hold special meaning or value.

Our area rug cleaning in Homosassa, FL involves a series of steps and we know it can help to know what to expect when you call us:

  1. After we’ve studied the rug and figured out the details, we start with clearing as much dirt and dust out of the way as we can. We’ll use pressurized air to force out a lot of the loose material that’s harming your area rug. You might not realize it, but dirt has a way of desaturating colors and posing a threat to the fibers. By paying attention to those particles, we can hopefully give your rug a longer lifespan.
  2. Once the air has separated most of the dirt, we’ll go over it with a vacuum and a lifter to pick it up.
  3. Next up is a cleaning agent that’s decided on by the data collected on the inspection. The solution and shampoo won’t damage your rug.
  4. Once the shampoo has worked it’s way in for your area rug cleaning in Homosassa, FL, we’ll rinse it all out. We’ll take care to be gentle, but this step will wash away the cleaning agent as well as any leftover dirt or particles.
  5. Our technicians will groom your rug to help it dry and smooth out the fibers.
  6. Your rug is hung to dry in our special area where it will be safe from outside air or particles.
  7. The last step is a thorough inspection of the final result to make sure you get the best quality. Once we’re sure all of the dirt, debris, and stains are gone, we’ll comb the fibers and carefully color in any faded spots.

There’s a reason we’re at the top of our field and our customers love that we go the extra mile. Steam Bros believes in delivering work that we’d want for our home, so you can trust that you’re getting the best when you hire us. Call 352-554-9493 and schedule a free estimate or take us up on any of our other services!

We Offer the Following Steam Cleaning Services in Homosassa, FL and surrounding areas

Our Office is located in Spring Hill, FL and we serve the following areas:
  • HQ: Spring Hill, FL
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My couch looks and smells great!

-Rita H.


My 75 pound lab decided to use my brand new mattress as her toilet the other day. Steam Bros came out to my house and cleaned it for me. No more stain, no more smell. Great professional service!

-Tina K.


Steam Bros, LLC



The 2 gentlemen that were there were extremely polite and did an excellent job I couldn’t believe how well everything came out

-Tim W.

I was very pleased. My carpet had lots of stains and they got all of them up. My carpet looks like new. The carpet is 15years old. I highly recommend them .

-Patricia M.