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Area Rug Cleaning in Spring Hill, FL

“If you can steam it, we can clean it!”

If you have an area rug, you know that keeping it clean is important. You also know that you can’t just clean it the same way you would clean a carpet.

Steam Bros provides expert level area rug cleaning services that helps to keep your area rugs looking great while also extending their life! 

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Professional Area Rug Cleaning in Spring Hill, FL

One of our specialties is area rug cleaning.  We understand that each rug is completely unique and deserves its own tender love and care.  Your area rugs are subject to the same dirt and debris that your standard carpeting is, but the approach when cleaning a rug versus a carpet is completely different. If you have a treasured rug that needs a little sprucing up, consider getting some professional area rug cleaning in Spring Hill, FL!

Because each rug is different, there is a different thought process behind each one.  In the section below you will find our standard process in evaluating and treating your rug so you can feel confident in our ability to get the job done correctly.

Read more below if you want to learn more about our the process for area rug cleaning in Spring Hill, FL or surrounding areas!

Our Area Rug Cleaning Approach

Initial Inspection

Getting to know your rug a little is going to be the firs thing that we do.  That will give us an idea of the materials or textiles used, as well as the strength of any dyes.  Once we have given your rug a thorough inspection and established it’s precide needs, we can move on to the next step of our professional rug cleaning in Spring Hill, FL.


Dusting your rug is going to be the most important part of the cleaning process.  There are a lot of particles deep in the fibers of your rug, and the best vacuums won’t even be able to reach them.  Because of this we use what’s called a soil separator.  With this we are able to shake loose and remove all of those particles, which can cause damage to delicate fibers!

Delicate Washing

Depending on the specifics of your area rug, we will use a combination of different mild cleaning products and clean water.  Once the solution is prepared we will go ahead and begin the washing process.  We use this solution to submerge your rogue and slightly agitate the water so we can do what’s similar to scrubbing without damaging your rug.

Rinsing and Drying

After we have done a thorough washing with our custom rug solution, we will rinse with clear water so we can prepare it to be dried.  The last step in our process for area rug cleaning in Spring Hill, FL is to use a spin dry process which gets rid of most of the water, followed by being transferred to a specialty drying rack.  We don’t use any heat in our drying process to keep your rug in the most pristine condition!

Steam Bros has all of your steam cleaning needs covered, if you need some area rug cleaning in Spring Hill, FL give us a call today!  Furthermore, if you want to learn more about our other services, feel free to check out our home page here!

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My 75 pound lab decided to use my brand new mattress as her toilet the other day. Steam Bros came out to my house and cleaned it for me. No more stain, no more smell. Great professional service!

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The 2 gentlemen that were there were extremely polite and did an excellent job I couldn’t believe how well everything came out

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